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Apple Shooter Game

Apple Shooter is a funny addicting flash game, which indeed is very simple. The main mission of the player is to shoot an apple, sound simple right ? Let’s try to play the game. When you open the game, you see a man with a bow and a beautiful lady with a red apple on her head. You should shoot the apple and avoid hitting the arrow into the girl, because she will die. The lady has 3 lifes. Everytime you shoot an apple, the distance between you and your victim becomes bigger and this way it becomes more difficult to make a good shot.

Apple Shooter is a flash game, which is based on physics. To play the game you should use only you mouse. Set the angle of shot using the mouse, then hold the left button of mouse to set the strength of shot and release to make a shot. Hope you will enjoy the game very much. There is also another version of the game available at this website, hope you will play it as well.